Poppy Peony Double Blend Seeds - 1 gram

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PAPAVER: Delicate blossoms of Poppies have enchanted us for generations. Large paper-thin petals form a bowl around their ornamental centers. The blossoms are a favorite for butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Sunlight makes their translucent petals positively glow with color.

These Poppies are spectacular. Fully double they grow in many soft colours to 3 feet tall. We love Poppies. Not because they make great cut flowers, I think Martha Stewart is the only person who can singe the stem to lock the water in, but because they are so easy to establish in the garden. You direct seed them and let the pods, which are beautiful in themselves, ripen. They will reseed. You can have fun with poppies.

  • Fully double 4 to 5 inch flowers on 3 foot stems
  • Soft colors of pinks, oranges, bicolors and purple
  • Direct seed only; they do not like to be transplanted
  • Poppies are annuals but let the pods mature and they will reseed for next year.
  • Ships from Ohio