Pet Friendly Plant Collection - Parlor Palm/Fittonia/Calathea - 3 Pack- 4" Pots

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A house plant collection that is pet-safe. Pet parents who are also plant enthusiasts need to know the houseplants that are considered to be dog and cat safe. Whether it's mischief or curiosity, dogs and cats might be tempted to chew and consume houseplants so it’s important to ensure that you choose pet-friendly plants for your home. Of course, for the sake of your plants and your pets, you’ll want to keep all houseplants out of general reach of your pets. But, because some houseplants are toxic to cats and dogs, it's wise to investigate each plant you purchase to ensure peace of mind if your pet happens to chew a plant's leaves or roots. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a good resource for learning about plant toxicity for cats and dogs. You will receive 3 plants each growing in a 4" pot. Parlor Palm, Fittonia aka. Nerve Plant and Calathea. The variety of fittonia and calathea may vary from the photo.
  • Pets and plants can co-exist
  • East to grow!
  • Provide bright, indirect light and keep soil evenly moist - not too wet or dry
  • Parlor Palm, Fittonia, Calathea (variety of fittonia and calathea sent may vary)
  • Immediate shipping 3 plants in 4" pots