Paprika Yarrow - Achillea millefolium - Sun Lover - Gallon Pot

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Delicate, fernlike foliage with flat terminal flower heads. Flowers are long-lasting and excellent for cutting. Plants are drought tolerant and thrive in poor, dry soils. Good for summer color in the mid-border area. Achillea Paprika is a vigorous Yarrow with flowers in shades of ruby red and salmon rose. The flat flower heads introduce a different shape into the perennial border. Fine textured, gray-green foliage makes an excellent contrast for the tall blossom heads. Garden Care: Adaptable to nearly any soil type with adequate drainage. Allow to dry between waterings. Self-reliant and maintenance free. Deadheading enhances appearance and encourages rebloom. May be divided at any time to rejuvenate. Hardy Zones 4-9 / Mature Height: 10-12" Dormant shipping in winter.
  • Full Sun to Mostly Sunny
  • Hardy Zones 3-9. Loves the sun
  • Months of Bloom: Mid-Summer to Early Fall
  • Mature Height: 24" Spacing: 14"
  • Immediate shipping in a one gallon pot. Dormant shipping in the winter