Organic Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum 115 Seeds

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Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum - Chrysanthemum coronarium 3-4 ft. Hardy Annual Also known as the Garland Chrysanthemum or Chop Suey Shungiku. Tender edible greens and flowers have a unique zesty flavor. Lovely 1-3" flowers are used to make leis and garlands. Seed directly in garden when danger of frost has passed. For earlier flowers, start plants indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost date and transplant when danger of frost has passed. Requires warm, moist conditions to thrive. Can reseed. Harvesting tips. Harvest at 6-9 inches to use the whole plant, or clip leaves and flowers from a larger plant.
  • 3-4 ft. Hardy Annual
  • Days to Germ.: 6-14
  • Full Sun
  • Can reseed
  • Ships from Ohio