Noel Dahlia - Dinnerplate Fimbriata Flower - #1 Size Root Clump - NEW

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Originating from Mexico and Guatemala, Dahlias were the flowers of Inca kings and despite their royal origins Dahlias are among the easiest plants to grow in the garden. They are a wonderful source of cut flowers and will provide a veritable cornucopia of colorful blooms for your bouquets from mid summer until the first hard frost in the late fall. Dahlias are hardy in zones 8 -10. Dahlias are susceptible to cold so be careful not to plant them too early and be sure to dig them up and store them in a frost-free place before old Jack Frost comes calling if you are planting them in a cooler zone! Your new Dahlias tubers can be stored in the refrigerator until planting time or get a head start on spring and start them indoors in a sunny window. Flower heads are densely packed with frilly red-and-white petals, so these blooms won't get overlooked in the border. Blooms usually grow to about 6" but have been known to reach 8" or even larger.
  • Frilly Red and White Blooms
  • Mature Height: 40". Loves the sun.
  • Blooms August until the frost in the fall.
  • Hardy in zones 8-10, elsewhere dig & store in the winter
  • Immediate Shipping. #1 size root clump