Night Sparkle Chinese Evergreen Plant - Aglaonema - 2" Pot - Collector's Series

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Night Sparkle' is an highly patterned variety that produces narrow, emerald-green leaves speckled through with light yellow/ white, and accentuated by a vibrant pink mid-vein. Beautiful, low-light houseplant that requires little to no maintenance. Its red-edged foliage brings a bold pop of color to any home or office. Also known as one of NASA’s “clean air plants”. Chinese Evergreen keeps its color year-round and works well in a container on a windowsill, desk or tabletop.
  • Collector's Series
  • Low maintenance, water when one the dry side
  • Grows in dim light conditions
  • Excellent for home, office, apartment, dorm
  • Immediate shipping in a 2" pot