Night Light Lysimachia - Moneywort - Live Plant - Quart Pot

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Bright yellow flowers like glowing beacons nestle in tight, clustered circles hugging the leaf axils. Jade green foliage with subtle silver veining will tint with burgundy tones as more shade is introduced. This long-blooming groundcover prefers shade to part shade. Lysimachia alfredii Night Light provides continuous flowering from spring until a hard frost in fall. Pollinator friendly, bees will visit frequently to feast on and prolong the festive long-blooming flowers. Bees adore blue, purple, and yellow flowers. Lysimachia have a wide range of growth habits. Most spread fairly quickly. Excellent ground cover for banks, woodland gardens, along paths or in moist areas near water gardens, along streams, pools or ponds where it can be left to naturalize.
  • Hardy in zones 5-9
  • Prefers half sun to partial shade
  • Mature Height: 10-12" Space 14-16" apart
  • Blooms Late Spring to Early Fall
  • Immediate shipping in a quart pot. Dormant shipping in winter