Minerva Gold Waxed Jumbo Amaryllis Bulb- Immediate Shipping for Holiday Blooms

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Our easiest-ever amaryllis needs no planting and no watering — the waxed bulb holds all the stored energy and water it needs to grow and bloom. A coiled wire embedded in the wax on the bottom of the bulb makes it freestanding. Simply place the bulb on any flat surface, set it in a clear vase or nestle it among other holiday decorations. Then watch in amazement as shoots begin to emerge from the bulb. In about 6-8 weeks the stunning flowers will begin to bloom. No watering, fertilizing or staking required. You can expect 2-3 flower stalks, each with up to four blooms. Note: Growth cracks may appear in the wax coating as the flower stalks emerge and progress to blooming
  • Jumbo Top Size Bulb 34/36cm
  • Great gift idea!
  • Zone: 9-11 or Indoors
  • Blooms for the Holidays
  • Immediate shipping