Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower Seeds - 8 grams - Annual

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Annual. Blooms late summer to fall. 6'-10' tall. Full sun. This is the big one! Native American flower with heads up to 12" in diameter have faces that 'follow the sun'. Grow them for a tall hedge or privacy spring, to use as cut flowers (just one would fill a vase!), or for the plentiful edible seeds for birds and humans. The young shoots are also edible as sprouts or a fresh-looking garnish, and the unopened buds may be steamed like artichokes. They have very fast growth, up to 6" a week, are drought-tolerant and long blooming. Successive sowings every 2 weeks will give you flowers into fall.
  • Annual
  • Blooms Late Summer to Fall
  • 6-10' Tall
  • Full Sun
  • Ships from Ohio