Leopard Plant - Silver Squill - Scilla violacea - 4" Pot - Easy Houseplant

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The interesting foliage arches above these, and has a 'leopard' spotting of grey and green. The undersides of the leaves are deep wine-red . The flowers are held in a spike similar to Grape Hyacinths, but much looser, and are pale greenish-white with some green striping - interesting at close range. Because of its diminutive size and intriguing form, this plant is often grown as a pot specimen so that it can be more easily viewed at close range. Easily cultivated in almost any good garden soil, with occasional water applied during the dry months. Prefers some shade in hot summer climates, and should not be waterlogged during rainy winters. New bulbs can be separated from the mother plant in the spring. As a house plant grow in a filtered light window. Water when on the dry side. Native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
  • Proper name: Ledebouria socialis, Scilla socialis, Scilla violacea
  • Prefers a filtered light window
  • Water when on the dry side
  • The bulbs can be split to form new plants
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