Lemon Balm Perennial - Melissa officinalis - 2.5" Pot

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Lemon Balm / Melissa officinalis Mature Height 18-24 in. Hardy Perennial Pleasant, lemon-scented leaves make a delightfully tasty tea. Best begun in flats indoors and moved to a permanent location when plants are 3 inches tall. Can also be sown directly into prepared garden soil in mid-spring as soon as the soil has warmed. Enrich soil with mature compost and harvest leaves from mature plants at anytime before frost. Pinch off flowers to keep the plant productive. Immediate shipping in 2 1/2" pot
  • Lemon Balm officinalis
  • Bloom Color: Yellow/White
  • Zones 4-9
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Immediate shipping in 2 1/2" pot