Johnny Jump Up - 200 Seeds, 450 Milligram- Viola

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The viola plant belongs to the violet family. The viola is most generally a blue-violet color or may be cream colored. When in bloom, the viola plant will almost overpower the color of its leaves and stems, giving the appearance of sea of violet-colored flowers blowing in the breeze. Viola also has a delicate scent. Johnny Jump Up Viola Tricolor Create a carpet of color with Johnny Jump Up. A compact variety with vibrant blooms of deep purple and yellow. Good companion for spring bulbs and Pansies. Attractive around the base of trees and in flower beds, containers and borders. Type: Perennial Planting Depth: 1/16" Light: Partial Shade/Sun Height: 7-10" Days to Germination: 14-21 Blooms: Spring-Fall 200 Seeds, 450 mg
  • Create a carpet of color with Johnny Jump Up!
  • Height: 7-10"
  • Light: Partial Shade/Sun
  • Blooms: Spring-Fall
  • Ships from Ohio