John Clayton Climbing Honeysuckle Vine - Lonicera - 2.5" Pot

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HONEYSUCKLE: The genus Lonicera contains more than 200 species worldwide and is distributed in temperate and subtropical regions of North America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Most of the species are small trees or shrubs. Honeysuckle is cultivated in private gardens and in cities as an ornamental because of its large, fragrant flowers and brilliant red fruits. John Clayton Honeysuckle: Rampant growth, climbing habit, and a wonderful rich fragrance have made honeysuckle a mainstay of the landscape and a favorite of hummingbirds. Once established the plants are permanent and require minimum care and moderate pruning. This variety produces masses of rich yellow tubular little flowers that enhance the garden with strong, honey-sweet fragrance from mid- to late summer. Growth is effortless and can reach up to 20 feet. Use to cover walls or arbors, and to add vertical interest in sunny locations. Plants can become quite heavy so strong support is a must.
  • Hardy Zones: 5-9
  • Color of Bloom: Rich yellow tubular little flowers
  • Months of Bloom: June-August
  • Mature Height: 10-15'
  • Immediate shipping. Shipped dormant in the winter