Jewel Blend Nasturtium Seeds - 3 g - Tropaeolum

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Annual. Blooms spring to fall frost. 6"-12" tall. Full sun or light shade. 2"- 2 1/2" flowers in jewel-toned shades of orange and yellow. Edible flowers and foliage are a gourmet treat. They taste peppery like watercress. Every salad should have edible Nasturtium and Viola flowers! This compact variety is well suited for smaller spaces and makes a cheerful edging, border, container, or hanging basket planting. Brighten up your vegetable garden with Nasturtiums - they deter whiteflies and squash bugs. Can even be grown indoors in a sunny south-facing window. Never pamper your Nasturtiums with excess fertilizer - excess fertilizer will cause lots of green leaves and no blooms. They flower best in average garden soil with loose, light texture. Remove spent flowers to prolong blooming. Perennial in frost-free tropical climates. 'Nasturtium' comes from the Latin name for 'nose-twister', a reference to its peppery fragrance.
  • Annual
  • Blooms Spring to Fall
  • 8-14" Tall
  • Full Sun to Light Shade
  • Ships from Ohio