Incredible Hulk Aster 40 Seeds - UNBELIEVABLE - Annual

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Ivy Aster Hulk
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One-of-a-Kind Beautiful! - These huge blooms are perfect for cutting!

How's this for showy This amazing Aster sports giant blooms in an utterly unique color pattern: green and yellow! But the best part is that they're perfect for cutting -- long-lasting, sturdy, and lovely! If you appreciate full vases of flowers from the garden all summer long, Hulk is the Aster to rely on!

The interesting thing about these blooms is that they have no petals -- the 2-inch yellow center is really the entire flower, surrounded by 3 more inches or so of green bracts that look like curled petals. The bracts are quite long-lasting, adding to the staying power of these blooms.

Hulk is easy to grow in full sun and any moist garden soil. The plant reaches 21 inches high and 14 to 16 inches wide, with good side branching (for more blooms!) and a neat, upright habit. Ideal for the cutting garden, beds, borders, the patio, and containers.

Space plants about 12 inches apart for dense coverage.

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