Golden Barrel Cactus - Echinocactus grusonii - 6" Pot

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CACTUS: Cactus, the common name for a family of desert plants. The plural is cacti or cactuses. Most species bear sharp, needlelike spines, which protect the plants from foraging desert animals. Cacti are famed for their ability to resist drought, which they owe to the fact that moisture from inside the plant evaporates very slowly through the plant's skin. Cacti grow in hundreds of different shapes. The fibrous, juicy stems may be globular, cylindrical, branched, trailing and vinelike, ribbed, grooved, or knob-bearing. Only two species have true leaves. The rest of the 2,000 species are leafless. Country of Origin: Central Mexico. Description: Originating in Mexico, this popular cactus reaches up to 6 ft (1.8 m) in height and spread. It has a single, globe-shaped, pale green body that stretches upwards in maturity, becoming barrel-shaped. This stem is heavily ribbed with numerous areoles sprouting radial, yellow spines. In summer, larger cacti produce a circle of vivid, yellow flowers from a crown at the top of the plant. Culture: Frost tender but resistant to very dry conditions, they grow best in well-drained soil and a position in full sun, which will help to maintain the lustre of the spines and longevity of the flowers. Propagate from cuttings or seed. USDA Zone: 9-12. Excellent house plant!
  • Hardy in Zones: 9-12
  • Excellent house plant!
  • They grow best in well-drained soil and a position in full sun
  • Yellow Flowers
  • Immediate Shipping, 6" pot matured plant similar to the photos