Garlic Chives Seeds - 600 mg - Perennial Herb

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Perennial. Hardy to USDA zone 3. The leaves, flower buds, and flowers of garlic chives have a delightful mild garlic flavor. The flavor can also be described as onion-y, honey-like, with a delicate garlic aroma. Chopped chive leaves can be a great substitute for garlic cloves when you want a mild garlicky flavor in a dish. Garlic chives are very popular in Asian dishes and can also be used with any stir-fry with meat, poultry dishes, noodles, egg dishes, and soups. Chopped leaves are decorative and flavorful when scattered on the top of vegetables, meats, fish, and chicken. The flowers can be used as a pretty garnish. Garlic chives can be grown in a container and can be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill for a fresh winter addition.
  • Hardy to Zone 3
  • Delightful, mild garlic flavor
  • Very popular in Asian dishes
  • Easy to Grow
  • Ships from Ohio