Fiery Meadow Mama Coneflower - Echinacea - Fragrant - Gallon Pot

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Bold gold and red petals make for a stunning combination that mixes well with summer and autumn combinations. Bring a warm flare of color to the sunniest spot in your garden with Fiery Meadow Mama Coneflower. Its prominent cones are surrounded by a skirt of reflexed petals that get lighter and brighter at the tips. This coneflower needs full sun to thrive, so plant it in sun-drenched borders and walkways or in patio containers, then cut a few and bring inside for a burst of sunshine indoors. It looks stunning when planted en masse by itself, or when paired with coral bells and flowing grasses. Pollinators will flock to it all summer long, but deer will likely leave it alone. Echinacea 'Fiery Meadow Mama' Hardy Zones 4-9, Mature Height: 15-18" Immediate shipping gallon pot, dormant shipping in winter.
  • Loves the sun
  • Easy to grow
  • Hardy Zones 4-9, Mature Height: 15-18"
  • Months of Bloom: Summer
  • Immediate shipping. Dormant shipping in winter.