Ellagance Purple Lavender 20 Seed- Blue Flower/Fragrant

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LAVANDULA: An indispensable member of the herb family, used for perfumes and potpourri, its ornamental, compact habit along with gray-green scented foliage make it a welcome addition to the perennial border.

Zone 4 - 9
Hardy Perennial

This is a recent introduction. Excellent compact, bushy form with large purple flower spikes.

REQUIREMENTS: Full sun to partial shade and well drained soil. Drought tolerant. HEIGHT: 18-24"
DESCRIPTION: Aromatic shrub with grey green leaves and tall spikes of purple flowers in mid-summer.
CULINARY: This is an acquired taste! Flowers are used in jams, jellies, baked goods, teas and vinegars. Use sparingly.
AROMATIC: Used in potpourris and sachets. Add to bathwater for a calming effect.

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