Dizzy Oriental Lily - 2 Bulbs 16/18cm - Bi-Colored Brilliance

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"Dizzy" brought a lot of bi-colored brilliance to the Oriental Hybrid group. It's huge and fragrant, like all the others, but the bi-colored look is stronger, more vivid--with a real startle of contrast between the reds and whites. A major beauty--truly spectacular in the garden. The regal splendor of Oriental lilies gives the crowning touch to your summer garden. They carry your garden through the hot summer into balmy autumn with their magnificent blooms, which are at least 6" across. The tall varieties lend an airy elegance when spotted through the back of the border. All are unsurpassed for cutting, having a very long vase life. The flamboyant flowers, with their gracefully recurved petals, are delightfully fragrant during the day, but their perfume is positively heady at night. They are very long lived in the garden and will multiply over the years. Taller varieties need staking. They prefer lots of sun on their tops and some shade at their feet, a problem easily solved by planting them among shorter perennials.
  • Bi-Colored Brilliance
  • Height: 30-42". Loves the sun. Very fragrant.
  • Blooms in June and July. Great cut flower.
  • Hardy in zones 3-9.
  • Immediate Shipping. 16/18 cm bulbs.