Cubanelle Pepper 20 Seeds - Frying - Green to Yellow to Red

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Frying/Roasting Peppers: Also called Italian frying peppers, Italianelles, or cubanels, these long peppers are sweet and tender and have a thin skin. They are usually either sautèed in olive oil stuffed and baked with the stems and seeds intact, as the seeds give the peppers their characteristic flavor and sweet taste. Cubanelle Pepper: Plant produces good yields of 5 ½" long by 2 ½" wide sweet peppers. Peppers turn from light green, to yellow, to orange, to red when mature. One of the best frying peppers on the market. 70-80 days.
  • One of the best Italian Frying Peppers on the market.
  • Originated in Cuba.
  • Sweet with delicious taste fresh or cooked.
  • Tastiest fried in oil.
  • Cubanelle is very productive and produces an abundance of 5 inch long, slightly tapered, blunt-ended sweet peppers

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