Chinese Lantern Seeds - Physalis Franchetii - 30 Seeds

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Perennial. Hardy to zone 2. Blooms summer. Full sun to light shade. These bright orange, lantern-shaped papery seed cases will glow in your garden in late summer. The profuse 'lanterns' provide brilliant color for fresh or dried arrangements and are fun to use for decorating fall or Halloween wreaths. Please note that the plants can be invasive. Plant in containers to prevent underground runners from spreading or harvest seed cases to prevent reseeding. Be sure to grow in full sun for production of the lanterns. Also called, Winter Cherry or Love in a Cage. The unrripe berries and foliage on this plant are poisonous. Keep away from children and animals.
  • Perennial that blooms in the summer
  • Great for arrangements especially when dried
  • Papery lanterns are a child's delight
  • Physalis alkekengi (franchetti)
  • Ships from Ohio