Break O'Dawn Gladiolus 10 Bulbs - 12/14 cm - Two Tone White Blooms - NEW

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Glamour Gladioli Break Of Dawn (Gladioli x hortulanus) creates glowing highlights with two tone white flowers with a soft cream throat. Great cut flower for lush summer bouquets. Prized for large bouquets, stately gladioli (yes, that's the accepted plural form, and much more graceful than the alternatives) offer an enormous color range, including the most delicate pastels, bold hues and almost unimaginable bi-colors. Their sword-like foliage and tall impressive flower spikes, make striking accents in the mixed flower border. For best garden effect, plant in groups of six or more of a single color. Or grow dozens of them in a bed reserved for cutting. (Imagine the luxury of having armloads of glads to display around the house!) To enjoy blooms for many weeks through July and August, plant corms at two week intervals from early spring until the end of June. Glads are easy to grow, requiring only full sun and good drainage. Hardy in zones 8-11; elsewhere treat as an annual, or dig them in the fall and store over winter.
  • Easy to grow
  • Loves the sun. Summer blooming
  • Mature Height: 40-56 inches
  • Zones 7-10, elsewhere dig and store for the winter.
  • Immediate shipping. 12/14cm bulbs.