Brandywine Red & Yellow Pole Tomato Seeds - Organic - 200 mg

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Rich in history and filled with flavor, this blend of red and yellow Brandywine tomatoes provides a bountiful harvest that's legendary. Brandywines aren't the prettiest tomatoes (shape can vary from round to oblong, often ribbed), but these Beefsteak-type fruits are extra large (12-16 ounces or more, sometimes up to 2 lbs.) and have outstanding flavor that has made them a favorite of tomato lovers for more than 100 years. The yellow Brandywine ripens to golden yellow and has a potato leaf type. It is meaty with a slightly tart flavor. The red Brandywine has scarlet-red fruits and classic tomato leaves. It has a rich yet well-balanced tomato flavor. Both varieties take around 80 days to begin maturing. An indeterminate type, the Brandywine vines will grow until fall frost and must be staked or caged. Like most heirlooms, Brandywine has not been bred for disease resistance, though it definitely has a strong disposition to be so well loved for so long. It may require a little more pampering and attention than more modern hybrids, but its outstanding flavor is well worth the effort. This packet plants: 20 plants.
  • 80 Days
  • Warm Season Crop
  • Heirloom
  • Certified Organic
  • Ships from Ohio