Blushing Beauty Sweet Pepper - 10 Seeds - Ivory to Red

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SWEET BELL PEPPER: Bell peppers have a rounded, square shape with four lobes. They are hollow, with flat seeds inside. Bell peppers are the most commonly grown type of pepper in North America. Most bell peppers are harvested when they are still green, but when left to mature on the plant for a longer length of time, some peppers will turn shades of red, yellow or even purple.

Blushing Beauty Pepper: 2000 All America Selections Winner. This is a large, sweet bell pepper that gracefully changes from ivory to blush and then turns completely red at full maturity. One of the greatest advantages of this hybrid, besides its beauty, is that it can be used at any stage of maturity. 'Blushing Beauty' has thick-walls, large 4" x 4", sweet fruit and outstanding yield potential. This pepper makes an ideal container garden plant, allowing you to watch the beautiful color changes throughout the summer season. As added protection, 'Blushing Beauty' is also resistant to three races of bacterial leaf spot as well as Tobacco P-0 and Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

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