Blue Lake Bush Bean - 13 Grams

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BUY BULK SEED AND SAVE! 6 inch slender pods Stringless and extra meaty Fresh, frozen or canned Tolerates mosaic virus. 50 DAYS Beans are among the richest food products which the good earth yields. In the chemistry of food, they supply carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Beans are easy to grow, well suited for different types of soil from heavy clay to light, sandy soils. Plant in early spring after frost danger is past and soil has warmed up to at least 60F. Coat bean seed with a bean and pea inoculant. Direct sow at 1-1.5" deep, 2-3" apart in a single row spaced 30-36" apart or a double row spaced 8" apart. Keep weed free. Pick pods when filled out to a nice size before pods bulge. TIP: We have found a way to increase your bean yield. Here is what we do: after bean plants are about 4-6" high, we spread a high quality garden fertilizer along the bean row, following the manufactures directions, just before we till them. Make sure your bean plants get at least 1" of water per week. Do not over water, as bean plants drown easy. After each picking we also give them some more water.
  • This variety has been pleasing gardeners for a long time
  • 6" pods are medium green, straight and have a great flavor
  • Fast harvest, only 50 days from planting seed
  • Easy to grow, well suited for different types of soil. 1lb per 100' row. 60lbs. per acre.
  • Ships from Ohio