Blue-Eyed Iris Grass Plant 50 Seeds

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Native prairie wildlfower, pretty common to find these plants growing wild out on the prairie. Is not really a 'grass', rather is a member of the Iris family. Quite an adaptable plant - have seen this growing in shady moist conditions on the edge of woods, and in very dry, hot, sunny locations in the Grasslands National Park. Grows 4" - 12" in height. Will grow in full sun or part-shade. Space 12" apart. Hardy in zones 2-9. Blooms in May and June! Excellent for the front of the border or perhaps planted along a path.
  • Hardy in zones 2-9
  • Blooms in May and June!
  • Will grow in full sun or part-shade
  • Grows 4" - 12" in height
  • 50 Seeds

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