Black Nigra Hollyhock - 30 Seeds - Alcea Nigra

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The definitive old-fashioned cottage plant, Hollyhocks conjure beloved memories. Placed along fences, barn walls or the side of a house, their stately spires define summer for gardeners. Recent offerings bring expanded possibilities to this garden classic. Black Nigra Hollyhock (Alcea) Dramatic Black Blooms on 6-Foot Spikes! 4 inches across, held wide open to reveal their creamy center, these blooms are stunningly lovely and distinctive! These shiny black flowers, 4 inches across and sporting a creamy center plus a hint of burgundy toward the base, are a distinctive and never-to-be-forgotten addition to the sunny garden! They arise on stately 6-foot stalks, which are ideal beside entryways and gateposts, as well as in front of light-colored walls and fences (where the deep, rich color shows to best advantage). Keep the spent flowers picked and these vigorous plants may just repeat their show in fall! Easy to grow in full sun and almost any well-drained soil. Growth is even faster with a top-dressing of cow manure!
  • Alcea
  • Dramatic Black Blooms on 6-Foot Spikes!
  • Full Sun
  • Well Drained Soil
  • 30 Seeds