Black Magic Kale Plant - 3" Pot - Winter Hardy - Ornamental and Edible

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Deep green, almost black color and exceptionally sweet, rich flavor set this outstanding Lacinato type apart from others. Conventional breeding, not magic, has spawned this improved lacinato. The narrow strappy leaves are deeply puckered for a gorgeous appearance. The upright plants are easy to harvest and offer improved bolt tolerance over traditional strains. The dark color is striking when displayed in mature bunches and it also adds an unexpected element to baby mesclun blends. Growing to 15 inches wide and 19 inches tall, Black Magic yields an abundance of flavorful greens for continuous picking or whole-plant harvest. Plant Spacing: 18"-24" - Full Sun/Partial Shade - Moderate Water
  • Matures from grey to green to a final deep shade of forest-green, almost black!
  • Exceptionally sweet, rich flavor
  • Harvest at 6" or less for baby greens, or let them mature for kale chips, soups, stews and other dishes
  • Hardy Zones 2-10, Ornamental and Edible!
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