Be Mine English Ivy Hoop Trellis - 4" Pot in Valentine's Gift Box and Heart Pick

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Easy to care for English Ivy on hoop trellis. Excellent living gift for any plant lover. Just provide bright, indirect light and keep soil evenly moist. Hedera helix is commonly referred to as English ivy because English settlers brought it to America. Most species are native to Northern and Southern Europe and Northern Africa. Ivies are climbing vines that cling to upright surfaces by their roots, which sprout from the stems and work into any available crevice. Given the support of a thin stake, a single stem can be trained to grow upward and then branch out to make a little ivy tree. The vines can also be trained to cover fanciful shapes formed of wires stuffed with sphagnum moss. Usually, the trailing stems are allowed to cascade over the sides of pots or hanging containers.
  • Easy to grow live house plant
  • Prefers bright, indirect light
  • Keep soil evenly moist, not too wet or dry
  • Perfect Valentine's Day gift!
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot with Hoop Trellis and Be Mine Gift Box and Heart Pick