Amate Schefflera Umbrella Tree Plant - 4" Pot - Easy Indoor Plant

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A stunning plant with a beautiful leaf structure, the Schefflera Amate is adored for its bright glossy green leaves that add a perfect touch of the tropics to any space. Also known as: Umbrella Tree, Octopus Tree, Australian Ivy Palm, Australian (or Queensland) Umbrella Tree. The leaflets grow on the stalk similar to an open umbrella, hence the common name Umbrella plant. To help it grow optimally and evenly, occasionally dust the leaves and rotate the pot by a ¼ turn once a month. To maintain its aesthetic shape and height, you may want to periodically prune the new growth tips with a sharp, sterilized blade. Schefflera's prefer bright, indirect light and should be kept evenly moist, not wet or dry. An excellent houseplant.
  • Easy to grow houseplant
  • Prefers bright, indirect light
  • Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry
  • Prefers higher humidity levels
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot