Aloe Vera in 2.5" Pot - Medicine Plant/Burn Plant/Miracle Plant

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Aloe Vera - The Plant: Often called the "Medicine Plant, "Miracle Plant" or the "Natural Healer", Aloe Vera is a plant of many surprises. It flourishes in warm and dry climates, and many people mistake it for a cactus, but in fact it is a member of the Lily family. It stays moist where other plants would wilt and die, closing its pores to prevent the loss of moisture. A miniature aloe with thick pale green leave. The sap is used on burns. Under high light conditions, the more white it gets. Mature height is 4-6 inches. Perfect for sunny windows. Can tolerate some neglect.
  • Homegrown by Hirt's Gardens
  • Morning sun or bright, indirect light
  • Natural Healer
  • Easy to grow
  • Water when dry

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