All American Parsnip Seeds - 1 gram - Heirloom

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This heirloom root vegetable is surprisingly delicious. Parsnip's long white roots have a sweet and nutty flavor, and they are being added to the menus of many gourmet restaurants. You'll love adding the carrot-like roots to soups and stews, mashing them (on their own or mixed with potatoes), or eating them stir-fried or roasted. The trick to growing the sweetest parsnips? Wait to harvest the roots until after the first fall frost. The cold temperatures change the starch into sugar, making them sweet and flavorful. Parsnips are a versatile and nutritious vegetable--if you can grow carrots, you can grow parsnips! All American Parsnips are ready to harvest in 95-105 days, earlier than other varieties. This packet plants: one 15-foot row.
  • Pastinaca sativa
  • 95-105 Days to Maturity
  • Heirloom
  • Cool Season Crop
  • Ships from Ohio