African Lion Tail 50 Seeds - Leonotis leonorus

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Leonotis leonorus. 5-10 ft. Tender Annual/Tender Perennial. Whorled showy flowers on tall, upright spikes. Seed heads are striking in dried arrangements. Perennial in Zones 9-10. Planting Depth: 1/4". Soil Temp. for Germ.: 70 F. Days to Germ.: 7-14. Plant Spacing: 1'-2' Days to Maturity: 90-100. Full Sun. Moderate Water. Pack weight .310gms. 150 seeds. The plant has had a long therapeutic tradition among the Hottentot tribe of South Africa. A tea made from this plant can induce a deep meditative trance.
  • Leonotis leonorus
  • 5-10 ft. Tender Annual/Tender Perennial
  • Perennial in Zones 9-10
  • Days to Maturity: 90-100
  • Ships from Ohio