5 Live Airplants - Tillandsia - Bareroot - Terrarium/Fairy Garden/Houseplant

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Epiphytic plants are among the most fascinating of all tropicals because they do not require soil to grow. Because there is no soil, watering is, in the main, via humidity. Tillandsias are a group of epiphytic plants that are native to South and Central America. These plants grow without soil in the tops of trees and on rocks in a variety of conditions. These plants absorb their moisture through tiny spongelike tentacles that cover their leaves. Tillandsias enjoy high light and good air circulation. After blooming the plant will put out new offsets (pups) from between the leaves at the base of the plant. Water it 3 times a week by misting, allow plant to dry between watering. It likes bright indirect light or full light.
  • Proper name: Tillandsia
  • Absorbs moisture through the leaves, not roots
  • Mist 2 or 3 times a week
  • Likes bright, indirect light
  • 5 Varieties will vary with the season


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    Just the cutest!

    Posted by Barbara Clifton on May 20th 2021

    These air plants came to me in brilliant condition, and are just adorable in the little containers I bought for them. So happy with Hirts and with my plants.