Dragon Tail Rhaphidophora decursiva - The Giant Climber - 4" Pot

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Rhaphidophora decursiva is a climbing plant in the Aroid family. You might not guess from the small pointed leaves of these starter plants, but this foliage of this plant will become gigantic and highly fenestrated in the right conditions. Leaves can grow to several feet long as this plants climbs trees that are large enough to support it. In the home it is not likely to reach such sizes, but its glossy green leaves still make for a wonderful tropical backdrop. Splits in the leaves develop as the plant matures. The height of the plants is highly affected by growing space and conditions. In suitable conditions and outdoor environment, it may get taller than about 50 feet. However, the indoor peeps remain around 5 feet on maturity. In the outdoors and wild, these plants grow around some large tree or a wall. The aerial roots help them to get attached and climb their host or support. Indoors provide with post or trellis to climb. An ideal temperature range for these is 55 to 80 °F. They generally love to stay warm. Moreover, they have poor tolerance for freezing temperatures. People of regions with winter getting colder than 50 °F need to bring them indoors for fall and winter. Care of Rhaphidophora decursiva: Bright indirect light, plant in well drained medium and water only when the top of the soil is dry to the touch. Family: Araceae
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  • Prefers bright, indirect light or artificial light
  • Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry
  • Trim as needed
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    Thick Stem, Rich Color

    Posted by Joshua Serralles on Dec 10th 2021

    Stem is incredibly thick and healthy with new growing coming in at the end. Can’t wait to see this baby grow