Zebra Plant - Haworthia fasciata - 3.5" Pot - Easy to grow/Hard to kill!

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"Haworthia Zebra Plant" is one of our favorite plants. Their really easy to grow. They don't require much in the way of care... or window space. Their the perfect low maintenance plant for the busy person. Place your "Zebra Plant" is a sunny window... preferably a south facing window. Water it once every three weeks. Feed it 3 or 4 times per year... and your "Zebra Plant" will be very happy. As the plant matures, offshoots may appear around the base of the plant. Occasionally the plant will send a long thin flower spike from the center of the plant. "Zebra Haworthia's" are small compact plants. Haworthia attenuata.
  • Easy to grow
  • Prefers bright, indirect light, or morning sun
  • Water when dry
  • Slow growing
  • Immediate shipping