Yellow Kudos Hummingbird Mint - Agastache - Anise Hyssop - Hardy - Quart Pot

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Large, dense inflorescences of yellow flowers adorn this wonderfully compact Agastache. Like the others in the KUDOS™ Series, this plant is USDA hardy to Zone 5. Agastache Kudos™ Mandarin. Part of the Kudos™ line, Mandarin was bred for increased hardiness, a more compact size, and earlier blooming. This is not your grandmother's Hyssop; after some cross-breeding with native species, this Hyssop is much better adapted to US gardens. Mandarin features pinkish-orange blooms with a perfect, outward-facing form. The show begins in spring, when the new foliage emerges a deep shade of bronze. Licorice scented, it is very lush on compact plants. By the end of spring the plants are topped with rosy orange blooms that attract every honeybee, butterfly, and hummingbird in the neighborhood. Deer, slugs, and other nibblers leave this aromatic plant alone, and the blooms continue all the way into autumn. Adaptable to dry soil, Kudos™ Mandarin craves only sunshine and good soil drainage to thrive for many years. With very little attention, this little Hyssop will swiftly reach its full height of 17 inches tall (20 when flowering) and 16 inches wide, and it will shine forth with reddish-orange blooms year after year. Try it in the sunny border or along the driveway among Kniphofia and Sedum. A thoroughly delightful perennial you will treasure for seasons to come! Zones 5-10.
  • Prefers the sun or part-sun
  • USDA Hardy in zones 5-9
  • Easy to grow
  • Large, dense inflorescences of yellow flowers
  • Immediate shipping. Shipped dormant in the winter.