Yard Long Red Noodle Bean - 20 Seeds - Sweet Flavor

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50-80 day maturity. Vigna unguiculata subsp sesquipedalis. Red Noodle Yard Long Bean Seeds. Non-GMO Warm-Season Annual Heirloom. Red Noodle beans have an unusual purple-red color and are a well-known variety in southern China. The bean pods can grow up to 22" long, do not have strings, and the plant has gorgeous purple-blue flowers. The bean pod loses its red color when cooked. This vigorous plant is heat tolerant and perfect for warm climates. In the Americas, these are mainly grown for their famous black-eyed peas. Other Common Names: Asparagus bean, banor, cai dou, chang dou, chang jiang dou, chang kong tau, cheung kong tau, Chinese long bean, dau dua, dau gok, dau que, diya mekaral, dow gauk, garter bean, hamtak, jiang dou, juroku sasage mame, kacang belut, kacang panjang, kacang panjang hijau, kacang perut ayam, lobia, otok, sasage, sitao, sitaw, snake bean, tau afuk yaou, tau fug yao, thua chin, tseng dou, and yard long bean. Red Noodle Bean seeds are direct sown in the late spring or summer after the last frost in a warm, sunny spot. Sow indoors 2-3 weeks before outdoor planting for an earlier harvest. Be sure to harden off well if indoor sowing. Plant in waves every 3-4 weeks for multiple harvests if you live in a warm climate. Keep soil moist in the early days. Fertilization might not be needed at all. Keep a close eye for spider mites if growing in a sheltered spot. Train the vines to climb strings or supports as they grow. Try planting arugula at the base and interplanting with bitter melon vines for increased pest resistance, quick growth, and efficient use of space. Prefers temps of 65-95℉.
  • Vining; Up to 12ft high
  • Pods can be deep-fried, stir-fried, steamed or used in soups
  • Yard Long Bean is used most notably in the popular Szechwan dish Dryfried Beans
  • You will receive 20 Seeds
  • Ships from Ohio