Xuan's Party Dress Asian Violet - Primulina - 4" Mini Hanging Basket

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Primulina (Chirita 'Hotei') is an interesting member of the African violet (Gesneriaceae) family, an excellent choice for the windowsill or light garden. It reaches a compact height of 6 to 12 inches with yellow flower sprays clustered on the ends of the outreaching stems. The abundant, bright yellow flowers open one at a time from buds at the end of the flowering stalks, above medium green, quilted foliage. Trim off the faded flowers to keep it blooming. Provide bright indirect light or grow lights and keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. Feed monthly during the growing season with an African violet fertilizer, following the directions on the package.
  • Relative of the African Violet
  • Prefers bright, indirect light
  • Keep evenly moist
  • Easy to grow
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" hanging pot with saucer, currently not in bloom