White Bell Campaniflora Clematis 15 Seeds - Vine

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white bell clematis
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CLEMATIS: Always called the "Queen of Vines," nothing else makes the spectacular show of a clematis in full bloom. In almost all zones, these magnificent plants decorate mailboxes, trellises and porches with cascades of some of the most beautiful blooms in the flower kingdom, and they're not difficult to grow. There's no reason you can't add them to your landscape.


Simple and beautiful, all 300 of them, Clematis includes even more wild species than the rose. They offer opulent blossoms, attractive, carefree foliage, and ornamental seed heads, in exchange for a minimum of attention.

Use them to cover just about every stump and dead tree, as well as on trellises, arbors, pergolas, walls and tall shrubs. They prefer to be planted slightly deep in cool, well drained soil, with mulch or a ground cover to shade their feet; provide a support and let them climb.

This delightful species Clematis campaniflora (Ranunculaceae family) comes from Portugal. It is a near relative of Clematis viticella with a similar growth habit. The nodding flowers with recurved tips to the sepals, are almost white with a violet wash.

Vigorous climber with small nodding white bells. Can reach 20 ft. Sun, Part Shade Zones 5-9

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