White Bat Plant 8 Seeds - Tacca nivea

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Haunting, possibly even evil is this fascinating plant displaying the rudiments of a bat. Large whiskered face is surrounded by luscious green leaves and given the right conditions makes a nice house plant, too. Description: This rare white form of the ever popular Bat Plant offers shiny, dark green leaves and in 2-3 years when mature, magnificent white, green veined blooms with long tentacles. A thought- provoking plant for the home or conservatory. Aftercare Instructions: During the growing season (late spring to late summer) the plants will need to be watered very regularly and the compost must be well drained. Pot on as required into 13cm (5in) and finally 20cm (8in) pots. Give very little water through the winter and provide a temperature of 15-18C (60-65F) through the winter and 25-29C (75-85F) through the summer. Re-pot in February/March, shade from strong sun and give the occasional mist spray through the summer. Proper name: Tacca nivea
  • Haunting, possibly even evil!
  • Fascinating plant displaying the rudiments of a bat
  • Large Whiskered face is surrounded by luscious green leaves
  • Proper name: Tacca nivea
  • Ships from Ohio

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