Wand Flower Mix 40 Bulbs - Sparaxis tricolor - 5/+ cm Bulbs - Brilliant Colors!

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Wand flower: Sparaxis tricolor mixed, also known as the Harlequin flower. Brilliant colors ranging from yellows to crimsons and vivid orange with exotic black markings. This rugged flower is grown in the warmer regions of the country, especially where summers are dry. They feature brilliantly colored blooms with bright yellow centers ringed with dark brown. Many flowers are bi-colored or tri-colored. All do well in pots and they are a cutting bed favorite.
  • Color of Bloom: Mixed
  • Mature Height: 10-12". Bulb Size: 5/+cm
  • Months of Bloom: May-July
  • Hardy in zones 7-10, or indoors
  • Immediate Shippin 40 Bulbs