Victorian Perfumed Melon 10 Seeds - Heirloom

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Victorian Perfumed Melon. Also known as Plum Granny, Plum Granny Plumgranite, Dudaim Melon, QUEEN ANNE'S POCKET Melon

This pretty little vine is an heirloom treasure often forgotten in modern day gardens. A unique vine will sport 2-3" melons of yellow and orange in only 75-80 days. In days long ago, the melons were carried in the pockets of those who may not have had the facilities needed for proper hygeine. The melons would help to mask body odors when one was not able to bathe, thus the term 'pocket pomander' was born.

They are also edible. Stories of old tell that Queen Anne herself carried one, which would explain why common names such as Her Majesty's Melon have been used.

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