Variegated Confederate Star Jasmine Plant - 4" Pot - Extremely Fragrant Vine

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JASMINE: A jasmine plant is a great addition to a garden or a home. Jasmine, known for its beautiful flowers and shining leaves, can fill your house with a unique fragrance. Jasmine is basically a bushy shrub that releases fragrance at night. There are 200 species, mostly from Asia, Europe and Africa. Jasmine is native to tropical and warm temperate regions. Confederate jasmine, also known as star jasmine, is a lovely vining plant that grows fragrant, white, star-like flowers among its glossy dark, creme and green, evergreen leaves. Plant it outside an open window and enjoy its fragrance as you work. While it is not a true jasmine, its jasmine-like scent has earned it the jasmine name. It is originally from China but has been popular in Europe and North America for centuries. Hardy in zones 8-11, patio or indoors.
  • Star-like flowers among its glossy dark, creme and green evergreen leaves
  • Hardy in zones 8-11, patio or indoors
  • Common names include Star Jasmine, Confederate Jasmine, and Trader's Compass.
  • Extremely fragrant
  • Immediate Shipping 4" pot