Three Leaf Akebia Vine 10 Seeds - Akebia trifoliate

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three leaf akebia
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Three Leaf Akebia
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Zones 5-9, Full Sun, Partial Sun
A handsome vine much like Five leaf Akebia but far less common. Partially evergreen, depending on your climate, it makes a good screen with a nice texture to the foliage. An elegant climber with twining stems. Leaves composed of 3 wavy edged leaflets. Shoots, violet when new, turn to brown with age. Small deep purple flowers (both male and female), gathered in clusters are cinnamon scented. Very interesting fruits, resembling a sausage in shape, are bigger than those of akebia quinata. Best planted in a sheltered position. It can be trained over various kinds of garden supports, or alternatively, allowed to scale a tree.
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