Tete Boucle Narcissus/Daffodil 6 Bulbs - Double Flowering - 12/+ cm Bulbs

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Double Daffodil Tête Bouclé (Narcissus Tête Bouclé) is a knock out golden orb of spring color! Resembling peonies more than classic daffodils, these lovely double-petaled flowers look like tiny suns in an early to mid-spring garden. The yellow petals have tufts of orange amongst them giving them a complex, rich tone. Standing on sturdy stems at 10-12" tall, they pack a lot of color in a small space. Lovely in a rock garden and with other wildflowers such as Muscari, wildflower Iris and other wildflower daffodils, they are cheery icons of spring. These easy to grow bulbs are deer and rabbit resistant and will multiply over the years, paying you back in colorful blooms for the act of planting them in fall. These small daffodils are perfect for a rock garden or protected nook. Plant them in groupings or along a garden path where they can brighten the spring landscape. Let foliage die back naturally so the bulb can replenish energy for next year’s blooms. Excellent cut flowers too!
  • Double yellow blooms
  • Hardy Zones 2-10. Bulb Size: 12/+ cm
  • Months of Bloom: Early Spring
  • Mature Height: 10-12"
  • Immediate Shipping 6 Bulbs