Swedish Prairie Mallow Herb 30 Seeds

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Splendid Spikes of Bright Pink for Garden or Vase!
3-foot bloomstalks look like old-fashioned single Hollyhocks! Just as the summer annuals are losing their momentum, huge spikes of brilliant pink blooms open on this sun-loving, ultra-hardy Prairie Mallow! Like single Hollybocks, the 1 1/2-inch blooms open on tall, slender spikes, 3 feet tall and densely set with buds. The flowers have a pure white center and slightly crinkled petals, creating a satiny look that adds to their appeal. Marvellous for vertical color, they are also a popular cut flower. Hardy in many parts of the country, Swedish Praire Mallow asks only bright sun and well-drained soil. Hardy in Zones 5-10.
  • Hardy Zones 5-10
  • Bright Sun
  • Well Drained Soil
  • Pink Flowers
  • 30 Seeds

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