Sugar Apple Tree 8 Seeds - Annona squamosa - Bonsai

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Annona squamosa. A small (2-4"), knobby fruit with soft, creamy, white flesh often having a minty or custardy flavor. The sugar apple is extremely popular throughout the tropics. Usually eaten fresh or used to make beverages and shakes. This small, deciduous tree grows to 15-25 ft, spreading to the same size. Leaves are 6-8" long. Endures temperatures plunging to 27 F and generally adapts well to a variety of soil types. Sugar apples make excellent container specimens. Flowers appear with new leaf growth in early spring. Fruits ripen 3-4 months later throughout summer and fall. In cooler regions, it makes a great patio or house plant. Also a fantastic bonsai! Propagation: By seed, which will come to bearing age in just 2-3 years.
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