Star of Bethlehem - 3 Bulbs 14/16 cm - Ornithogalum arabicum

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Genus of 80 species of bulbous perennials found in a variety of habitats. Common name is Star of Bethlehem. O. Arabicum has basal rosettes of semi erect broadly linear, dark green leaves, to 24 inches long. In early summer it bears corymb like racemes of 6 to 25 cup shaped, scented, white or cream flowers, each with a black ovary. They should be planted in early fall in moderately fertile, well drained soil, in a sunny location.
  • Blooms mid to late summer.
  • Height: 32-36 inches.
  • Prefers the sun.
  • Hardy in zones 8-10, elsewhere dig and store in the winter.
  • Immediate shipping. 14/16 cm bulbs

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